Watch Adele’s ‘Hello’ Video Majestically Narrated By Sir David Attenborough

Adeles newest single seems to have taken over the world, so it is only fitting for it to receive a voiceover from the famed narrator of “Planet Earth.”

In a broadcast with BBC Radio 1, naturalist Sir David Attenborough delivers a terrific narration of the singers music video for Hello. In his soothing, soft tone, the critically acclaimed broadcaster provides cheeky commentary to the beginning of the video.

“The year is 2015. The world appears to have a green tint to it, but there are also some dead bugs in the foreground, but dont worry about that for now, he begins the voiceover, going on to give literal descriptions of Adeles movements, including the moment when the singer is managing an old cell phone.

But theres a problem, the signal is poor and she hasnt upgraded her handset since 1999, he reads. Hashtag flip phone.

Watch the full glorious narration in the video above.

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