Frets About My Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

I am new to keeping hissers, and I received a male and female in the mail on October 3rd. I have them in a 5.5 gallon glass terrarium with coconut husk substrate, some plastic plants, and some wooden structures for them to hide in. I had a lot of trouble getting their terrarium up to the correct temperature at first with the Zoo Med undertank heaters, but I now have it at a steady 82 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of a ceramic heat emitter. I have been having problems keeping their tank at a good humidity. I spritz the cage with water a few times a day because the heat emitter dries it out so fast. I have been feeding them various things to see what they prefer; Romaine lettuce, carrots, apples, pears, wheat bread, and dry dog food. They only seem to like the lettuce and the bread.

Anyways, when I first got them, they were quite active, especially the female. She would climb around in the cage quite a lot. As time has passed, all she does now is hide in the wooden half-log in the cage all day. The male will move around, but mostly he is sedentary as well. Also, neither of them have made any noise, even when I pick them up. I do not have any direct light sources on them; the only light is from the lamp in the room and ambient light from a nearby window.

I know they are nocturnal, so I thought that maybe they were crawling around at night, but now I am not so sure. I never see them eating, and sometimes I'll put them on their food or water dish to see if they want to eat or drink. Sometimes they do, sometimes not.

TL;DR: My hissers are lethargic and sedentary despite my efforts. They also have made no noise. Is something wrong with them?

Anyway, I would really appreciate some help from people experienced with hissers. Thank you!

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