What’re my lucks here …

So here’s my situation … I procured a bed bug in my bunk, I know it was certainly a bed bug. I’ve torn apart my area, thrown most of my clothes and all my bedclothe in the washer/ dryer on the most wonderful settles they go, scrutinized every seam and bend of my mattress and box spring by physically touching them and reflecting a flashlight on them, I vacuum-clean my mattress and box spring, I got a bed bug “proof”( I hope) cover for my mattress and pillows, and sail and vacuum-clean the rest of my area. I threw out my old-time “comfort” mattress cover because it clod old-time and gross anyway and I didn’t want to bother trying to fenagle it under the bed bug proof covering. I gave my dog a soak. I’ve attracted my bunk away from the wall, I only have a basic metal chassis with no chief timber. So far the only evidence of bed bugs I’ve been able to find is the living world I procured and killed, a single full shell in pieces, and the gnaws on my hands, arm, back and legs( 6 gnaws in total ). I didn’t find any eggs, but I know they’re very small and can be easily overlooked, and I didn’t find any more eggshells. I’m going to home depot after work to get some diatomacious earth. The dimension director has agreed to cover the cost of a pest hold service.

What are my hazards this’ll all blow over and I won’t is a requirement to burn down my apartment? Is there anything else I can do?

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