Heatwave have contributed to ice cream stealing, flying cockroaches and explosion manure

New York is experiencing some of the north-eastern weathers worst effects, as Hagen-Dazs get stolen and manure are reported to spontaneously combust

As a heatwave bears down on the country, most New Yorkers are melting, miserable and clinging to their air conditioners to escape the high temperature, which have reached over 100 F( 38 C) the coming week. The heat seems to have inspired a number of odd outcomes – including an ice cream crime wave, as would-be thieves attempted to steal 80 pints.

John Catsimatidis, proprietor of the supermarket chain Gristedes, told CBS that his stores and his competitors have been affected by the thefts. On Friday, he put out a $5,000 reward for the arrest and prosecution of the thieves. He posted photos of a man and a woman with a cart overflowing with ice cream on Facebook.

Under the strategy, pints of Hagen-Dazs or Ben& Jerrys, which are sold for about$ 6, are taken from the store while the manager is distracted. The ice cream is supposedly sold to local delis or bodegas for 10 pennies on the dollar, Catsimatidis said. He hopes store owners will cooperate with police to catch the criminals. If the bodega proprietor wants to collect $5,000, maybe he can work out a deal with police department, Catsimatidis said. But hes a bad guy, too, for buying it.

There have been more than 130 apprehends related to ice cream stealing this year, according to CBS.

The heatwave has also caused a number of more … unsavory outcomes including flying cockroaches. Experts told high temperatures foster the glitches to use their wings, which they dont often use in cooler climates. New Yorkers were dismayed, calling the situation a nightmare or pledging to move away.

And if thats not enough to attain you think twice about going outside, how about spontaneously combusting pony manure? Near the Finger Lakes region of New York state, pony manure spontaneously combusted in the excessive heat and dry conditions two weeks ago, according to the New York state department of environmental conservation. The smell of burning manure wafted into township and the flame took more than two hours to extinguish.

Amid the strange instances, the high temperature in the north-east are causing serious damage and have even proven deadly, inspiring Mayor Bill de Blasio to warn New York City residents to take precautions. The National Weather Service issued excessive heat alerts into early next week for major north-eastern cities. Afterward, temperatures are scheduled to fall in most regions( much to the relief of New Yorks ice cream purveyors ).

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