Satisfy help me. Feel I have bedbugs.

I just moved into my very first rental house, ever. It’s a huge mansion with a lot of chambers where students live. And I fantasize my room has bedbugs.

Just now as I was examining my label mattress which still has the plastic on it, I caught a very small, restricted, long bug, yellowy/ clear-ish with antennae moving on top of my mattress. It was shocked by the light-headed as I was applying my phone flashlight, it tried to get off but I killed it. On my couch i still have something very small and pitch-black which looks like a piece of a eggshell, and some other peculiar searching small things lying here and there on the mattress. It’s a new mattress, my landlord replaced the last mattress and box spring which I supposed looked suspicious. I supposed something was incorrect and I’ve is still very obsessive, forgetting sleep, but he claims that his exterminator lately looked at it to allay my feelings and the room is’ clear.’

That was a big situation my crazy baby got involved in and she was very vigorous and nasty toward my proprietor saying matter of factly that I had bedbugs( before he claimed his exterminator looked at it ), leaving him voicemails peril him and everything. I don’t know what to do about this, what to say, or if this could be something else.

I also have three red, but not itchy, pimple like protrusions near my pelvis. One of them has a red-faced marker in the middle, like a puncture wind. Likewise, my room has only one unusual flavor compared to the other rooms, and I heard that a sugary, kind of outlandish stench can signify bedbugs.

I need help. What does this sound like to you? What would you do in this situation? I can’t believe it. Do I talk to my landowner? If so how do I do it without reverberating batshit crazy and what do I say? I thought we thrown this bedbug problem to rest. I’m in a state of appall, my worst nightmare sounds like it comes down true-life, in the very first off-campus home I’ve ever moved into. I appear alone and clueless about this. The semester merely started and I just can’t be focusing on this

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