Delight help me. Remember I have bedbugs.

I exactly moved into my very first rental dwelling, ever. It’s a huge dwelling with a lot of areas where students live. And I repute my assembly has bedbugs.

That was a big situation my crazy momma got involved in and she was very vigorous and nasty toward my proprietor saying matter of factly that I had bedbugs( before he claimed his exterminator looked at it ), leaving him voicemails jeopardy him and everything. I don’t know what to do about this, what to say, or if this could be something else.

I very have three blood-red, but not itchy, pimple like protrusions near my pelvis. One of them has a red-faced name in the middle, like a puncture arc. Too, my area has an unique reek compared to the other areas, and I heard that a sugared, kind of outlandish odor is an indication bedbugs.

I need help. What does this sound like to you? What would you do in this situation? I can’t believe that it is. Do I talk to my landowner? If so how do I do it without reverberating batshit crazy and what do I say? I thought we residence this bedbug edition to remainder. I’m in a state of coma, my worst nightmare sounds like it comes down true-life, in the very first off-campus field I’ve ever moved into. I seem alone and clueless about this. The semester precisely started and I only can’t be focusing on this

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