5 things for October 19: Maryland shooting, Niger, health care, Richard Spencer, bugs

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The man accused of killing three people at a home-remodeling business in Maryland is in custody after a massive, daylong manhunt. Police said Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, opened fire at his workplace in Edgewood, Maryland. Prince is also accused of crossing into Delaware and shooting a man at a car dealership. Despite taking a bullet to the head, that man was able to give police Prince’s name and a description of his vehicle. Prince knew all of his victims, so police don’t consider these shootings random. Prince — smoking a cigar — was arrested near a high school in Newark, Delaware.

    2. Niger attack

    President Trump getting into a war of words with someone isn’t exactly news anymore. This time, though, the war of words involves a Gold Star family. Trump pushed back against a Florida congresswoman’s claim that he made insensitive comments to the widow of a US serviceman killed in that ambush in Niger. In a tweet, he said Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson fabricated her story — and that he had “proof.” The serviceman’s mother backed up Wilson; people who were in the room with Trump back up the President’s account; and the White House said there’s no recording of the conversation.

      Wilson: Trump didn’t know slain soldier’s name

    Trump’s inability to turn the other check turned this into a bona fide political crisis, CNN’s Stephen Collinson said. Veterans are dismayed at the President’s insistence to “punch back” whenever he’s criticized. And none of this is helping us figure out exactly how four US soldiers ended up dead in Niger two weeks ago. Sen. John McCain says the Trump administration isn’t being up front about what happened.

      Lt. Gen.: Trump’s Obama comment ‘shameful’

    The saddest part of this controversy is that it’s overshadowing the sacrifice that four heroes made for their country. You can read more here about Sgt. La David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright.

    3. Heath care

    Well, that was quick. The much-ballyhooed bipartisan health care deal has “stalled out.” It’s mainly because President Trump pulled his support for the Senate deal, which would have restored Obamacare cost-sharing reduction payments for two years in exchange for more state flexibility. Just a day earlier, the President had signaled that he’d back the deal. So, it looks like the GOP will have to wait until next year to — let’s all say it together — repeal and replace Obamacare.

      Why is health care in the US so expensive?

    4. Richard Spencer

    It’s going to be a red alert kind of day in Florida, as white supremacist Richard Spencer visits the University of Florida in Gainesville to give a speech. This public airing of his racist views is sure to spur protests. With memories of Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” violence still fresh on everyone’s minds, Florida’s governor issued a state of emergency so law enforcement agencies can more easily work together to combat any trouble that pops up. The National Guard could be activated if needed, too. Spencer was in Charlottesville and has also sparked recent campus protests at Auburn and Texas A&M.

      Spencer: ‘Make white privilege great again’

    5. Insects

    Insects are in serious decline in some parts of Germany, and that could spell bad news for all of us. A new study found flying insect populations in German nature reserves dropped an “alarming” 75% over almost three decades. Scientists fear that if this is happening in protected areas, it could be happening “everywhere” — and that would have far-reaching consequences for the world’s crop production and natural ecosystems. Climate change, pesticides and loss of habitats likely caused the declines, the study says.

      How to help the urban bee


    Spain will start a process to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy in an unprecedented effort to crush the region’s independence movement. 

      How Catalonia’s independence crisis unfolded


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      Surprise moment dog turns up after wildfires


    The number of workers being laid off at SeaWorld. Attendance at its parks continues to decline in the wake of the controversy over “Blackfish.”


    “We lost one of the very best of us this morning. Gord was my friend. Gord was everybody’s friend.”
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, tearfully paying tribute to Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, who died of brain cancer

      Trudeau gets emotional about Gord Downie death


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