Nine-Year-Old Narrates Enormous Tarantula And Tarantula Hawk Wasp’s Epic Battle To The Death

Arizona is home to many dangerous and often poisonous animals and insects. Now, a nine-year-old boy who severely knows his stuff has narrated a terrifying battle between an enormous tarantula and a tarantula hawk wasp on camera.

I suppose you would become an overnight expert if these creepy crawlies lived in your backyard. Tarantulas are actually very docile animals. Their bite is similar to that of a bee stinging and isn’t a number of problems for most people. The stinging of a tarantula hawk wasp, however, is the second most painful stinging in the insect world! The sting will not kill a human, but it will hurt a lot. Only an encounter with a bullet ant will offer a more painful experience. “I felt excited to see it in action- it’s not rare that it happens, but it’s rare to get to see it happen right in front of you, ” nine-year-old Cash said, squatting down to watch the encounter live. I don’t know about you, but I suppose I’d instead keep my distance. Perhaps very quickly moving in the opposite direction would be a good notion, but this brave young boy stayed to watch the encounter in all its frightening glory. The footage was captured by a family in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Karen and Matthew Perry, along with their two children, Cash and Cadence, stumbled upon the insect encounter while out for a hike.

Young Cash narrates sections of the video and is particularly informative about the beings. “The tarantula hawk is trying to paralyze the tarantula so that it could drag it back to its burrow and lay an egg on its abdomen, ” he said.

The two glitches battle it out for a full four minutes before the tarantula eventually succumbs to the tarantula hawk wasp’s deadly sting. This particular type of wasp specifically hunts out tarantulas.

“When the egg hatches, it feeds off the still living tarantula until it becomes an adult wasp, which takes about a month. I wasn’t frightened about the hawk paralyzing me, as it was so focused on the tarantula so I knew it wasn’t going to sting me.” That being said, the entire Perry family remains safe and was likely not in any real danger. As long as the battling bugs were go alone, they were not going to have a sudden interest in human flesh.

Watch the entire epic battle through the safety of your screen here:
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