Juliana Herz describes living in the jungle, eating glitches on’ Kicking& Screaming’

Juliana Herz is thankful to eat bacon againand lots of it.

The swimsuit model, who made a big splash in 2016 as Surfing Magazines cover girl, expended last summer in Fiji but this wasnt for another glamorous photoshoot.

Instead, Herz was competing in the new FOX reality series, Kicking& Screaming where she had to survive the remote jungle for a chance to win $500,000. Herz, along with other contestants, were teamed up with expert survivalists and were forced to skip the glamping and instead, overcome extreme weather conditions, raging rivers, as well as feast on bugs to out beat thirst 😛 TAGEND


Fox News: What made you want to get involved with a reveal like Kicking& Screaming?
Juliana Herz: The possibility was brought up to my[ simulate] bureau and they thought it would have been a fun way to show off my personality a little more, and of course, to show that modeling isnt just about seems. That models can do crazy things and not only want to stay in their little bubble. But I thought it would have been fun and it was!

Fox News : Many people are already skeptical of reality TV. How much of it was real?
Herz : Thats funny, I actually get asked all the time by my friends, So did you go to a hotel after they stopped filming? Well for one, they never stopped filming. They literally filmed us 24/7. Even when we were sleeping, the cameras were on us. The only hour they werent filming us was when we would have to go to the bathroom, which wasnt a bathroom by the way. We were still in the jungle. Its not like we had a lavatory that you could flush. Everything was 100 percentage real, frankly. I cant actually say that anything was made up because it wasnt. We were always hungry, we were not sleeping on beds. Everything youll see on TV is what we did in reality.

Fox News: How was your relationship with the other contestants?
Herz: I got along with all of the girls really well, I would say. I meanyoure in the jungle, theres no food, youre sleep deprived, youre hungry all of your feelings are heightened. Something that might seem so tiny in everyday life became so much bigger in this situation. And youre living with these people 24/7, people youve never met in your life. From sun up to sun down, youre with them. Youre sleeping next to them. It was tough for all of us to get used to that and to get used to the different personalities that were there. Were all so different and come from various backgrounds. But, I think we tried our hardest to work well together. There wasnt as much drama.


Fox New: Did any of your modeling experience helped you tackle a challenge like this one?
Herz: I dont guess modeling was genuinely that helpful for me to survive in the jungle. But I do guess my upbringing and where Im from did. We had a lot of swimming challenges in the jungle. Im from Costa Rica and my dad is a die-hard surfer, and we grew up going to the jungle because thats where the best waves were. Im used to going to the bathroom outside and Im used to swimming long distances. And I wasnt necessarily one of those girls who was calling every time a glitch flew at their face. I grew up with glitches my whole life. We had ants in our sugar in Costa Rica!

Fox News: It does seem like one of current challenges involves contestants eating glitches. What was that experience like for you?
Herz : I thought it was going to be fake. That the cameras would be turned off and we would get actual food on the side. But very quickly, we learned that wasnt going to be true. Especially on the first day when I was starving and there was no food. My partner told me, You know, bugs are a source of protein, and, appear, I was becoming fairly open to trying those bugs until it got a bit crazy. I love baconand we did not get any bacon. And regrettably , none of the bugs tasted like bacon. Thankfully, we did have a clean source of water to drink, which was nice. I didnt have to drink anything weird. But all Ive been doing since I left Fiji is eat. Fox News: Now that your experience is over, would you deem yourself to be a survivalist?
Herz : Oh God , no. Not even close! And the next time I go camping, I will go with a tent, at the least a sleeping bag and a lot of food! For sure, a lot of food. My biggest issue the whole period there that I was always hungry and I was always cold.

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“Kicking& Screaming” debuts March 9 on FOX .

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