Unidentifiable ‘Creature’ Found Pulsating On Tree Has Left Millions Repulsed

There are many bizarre and mysterious creatures around the world that are far beyond your imagination. They are normally found in exotic climates and tend to be exceptionally rare.

Earlier this year, there was an incident, recorded on video, whereby something extremely unfathomable was found. Something that appeared either to be a rare extraterrestrial creature or a growing mass of natural freaky material was discovered. Needless to say, it was treated with great suspicion. The bizarre scene was filmed in August in Tabopata, Peru, and no one could say for sure what exactly was being filmed. What initially appeared to be an unidentifiable mass was found seemingly pulsating on a tree trunk. People have reacted to the sight in sheer horror and disgust because they have no idea what it is, and whether it is actually alive or not. In fact, it has left millions of people around the world repulsed, confused but very, very curious. They were desperate to know what this mysterious mass was doing clinging so tightly to a tree. But there is actually a very important reason why this “creature” appears this way, and it’s to do with potential predators; namely repelling them and thus ensuring its survival. And isn’t that the sole purpose of being a living, breathing creature – fighting for your survival? For many, it was an unsettling sight, but the man who filmed it, Adam Pomerantz, has since explained that the moving mass is actually just a group of sawflies (little worm-like insects) who congregated together in a bid to defend themselves against predators.Aaron is a 27-year-old PhD student at UC Berkeley, California, and although he was initially taken aback by the phenomenon, after extensive research he knows why this kind of instinctual behavior is so beneficial.

“It certainly caught me by surprise. From what I can tell, collective behavior likely evolved in order to incur a survival advantage. One lone sawfly might be quickly picked off by a hungry bird or spider, so being in a large tight-knit group could help them survive attacks. By moving in unison like this, perhaps they appear to be a larger animal, which could scare off a would-be predator.”

Anytime a potential predator, including human beings, approach the sawflies they quite literally stick together in order to disguise the fact that they are suitable prey. Pretty cool, right? Aaron had no idea how people would respond to his discovery in Peru, but when he uploaded it to the internet, he found that they were both intrigued and horrified. So, essentially what Aaron had discovered was not one big mass or a single rare creature. He had, in fact, been lucky enough to witness nature at its finest. And many of those who viewed the video had also never seen this kind of defensive behavior from a creature before.

 “I had never seen anything like this, and was totally shocked. I tapped on the tree and was blown away by their collective defensive behaviour. I also made some noises at the group, but they seemed to respond more dramatically to me breathing on them and vibrations from my hand.”

The thing is unless you’re some kind of insect buff, you probably wouldn’t even know what a sawfly was if you saw it roaming about. But they’re actually not uncommon, so there is still hope yet that you will one day witness for yourself a mass of ingenious and cooperative sawflies. Of course, there are far more horrifying creatures that you could potentially find while out and about. In fact, one woman discovered a mysterious animal on a Texas city beach soon after Hurricane Harvey. Only it wasn’t a seemingly harmless mass of bugs, but a sinister-looking sea creature with razor-sharp teeth. Watch the video to find out what it was:

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