This ‘AH’S Theory Connects The Election To Killer Clowns& We’re Screaming

AHS: Cult hasn’t even premiered yet and we’re already shaking in our boots. If clowns give you the major heebie-jeebies, let’s just say you’ll likely want to cover at least one of your eyes while tuning in. The seventh installment appears to be sending in the jesters in a big way this season, and this hypothesi connects them to the election.

We’re already well aware that centres on the days following the election of Donald Trump. The recently fell trailer devotes us a peak at what that might entail, and TBH, we expected more politics, fewer buffoons. But this is Ryan Murphy-land and anything goes. Especially when it’s extra creepy.

Sarah Paulson plays a Michigan woman dealing with the Trump election aftermath, yet her concerns don’t seem limited to policy and cabinet changes. The coulrophobia — that’s fear of jesters, in case you were wondering — increases to a fever pitch. And it’s likely legit considering ALL THAT TERRIFYING CLOWN IMAGERY. The first clue is a flashing of a Twisty comic book,. You remember this cuddly fellow from, yes?

Then there’s Billie Lourd’s Winter Anderson, who appears to be some sort of wicked babysitter from hell, devoting small children a Twisty figurine that is sure to haunt our spirits for all eternity. The clip ends with another jester popping up in our faces to a soundtrack of screams.

You may recollect the clown hysteria of 2016 that was all over the news last autumn. The chilling sightings happened across the country, and while some of the events seemed harmless, a handful became violent or involved attempts at luring kids into the timbers. notes that some of the incidents took place in Michigan in the months leading up to the election of all places. Coincidence? Or not, when it comes to the universe … They also recall the speculation that the phenomena wreaked widespread panic in a similar way the election did. The circus staples mirror our dreads, or at the least gives them a face. In a Opinion piece from back in October, writer Henning Fog theorized, ”Politics and seasonal horror have found their perfect match.”

is clearly picking up on the pairing in name of amusement in a frightening fashion merely they could execute. We’ll know soon enough how this tale of killer jesters plays out. Sweet dreams, fans. Don’t let the bed bugs bite clowns dominate your nightmares.

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