Pregnant woman upset with Disney Cruise Line after family escorted out by armed policeman

An expecting mommy from St. Louis tells she’s unhappy with how the staff members of Disney Cruise Line treated her family when he was denied entry to the ship.

Emily Jackson, who is 25 weeks pregnant with her third child, had flown with her family to Miami to board their cruise on the Disney Magic, due to leave on a 6-day trip to the Caribbean. But upon arriving at the port of deviation, Jackson claims she was not allowed on the vessel because she “missed the pregnancy cutoff” of 24 weeks, despite providing the staff with a note from her doctor.


Jackson, however, tells she was more upset by subsequent therapy of their own families, claiming that an armed officer was called in to escort her entire party — which included multiple infants — out of the ticketing building while their baggage was removed from the ship.

“They had the guy with the gun following us. They had the K-9 unit, ” Jackson told Miami’s WPLG. “So we then had to take both babies outside, wait almost two hours for our luggage, outside in the hot, and both babies are red-faced.”

Jackson also shared footage of her family’s ill-fated trip in a YouTube vlog post, in which she explained how the armed man arrived after her parent asked the staff if they could “hurry up” with their luggage.

In Jackson’s vlog post, an armed officer with the Miami-Dade Police can be seen asking the family to wait outside. ( YouTube/ The Jackson Hive)

Jackson’s vlog also captured footage of Disney Cruise Line employees appearing to ignore her family’s fears while sorting out the situation.


Disney Cruise Line has yet to release an official statement concerning the incident, but a message on the cruise line’s FAQ webpage states that “women who have entered their 24 th week of pregnancy as of their embarkation date or who will enter their 24 th week of pregnancy during the cruise will be refused passageway due to safety concerns.”

The site adds that “neither a doctor’s medical statement nor a waiver of liability will be accepted.”

Jackson explained on YouTube that she was unaware of the cruise’s cut-off for expecting passengers, but understands their concerns. She then added that she was more upset with the staff’s treatment of her party.

“Forget the policy, OK? That is not my issue, ” she said in the post. “What our problem was, was how they treated us after that point.”

“I’m mad because of how they treated me and my children.”

Disney Cruise Line had now been offered to refund the Jackson family’s fares. She tells WPLG their other vacation expenditures were not covered.

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