Male hissing cockroach used to produce flavor?

I’m 100% brand-new to remaining cockroaches so I’m really sorry for being so ignorant on the matter; though I’m annoyed I’m doing something wrong. I picked up a few hissers from my local petstore; first I bought a male and female. A week afterward I bought another male; even though they gave me a female dubia on collision due to it being in the same container … I obstructed her’ campaign she’s cute. Since then the males have been get a bit … stinky. I’ve detected they smell like b.o. Straight up sweat. I’m not sure why, I can’t find any informed on the issues. I’m fright I’m doing something wrong that’s causing them trauma. I’m keeping them in the same coconut fiber substrate I use for my BP’s, it’s always warm in my room for my pythons as well. I feed them lettus, any random return or veggies I have- and I change that out every other daytime so there’s no mold. I also hurled in some “cat-o-nine-tail” food and some bearded dragon meat pellets because my beardie detests them and I assumed that’d be fine food. I’m keeping them as domesticateds so I certainly do care about their reservoir being; and when they have babies I’ll likely feed some off or perhaps start a settlement if I’m ready for that. sorry for tl ;d r … I’m certainly precisely hoping someone smarter than me can help me out. ahhhhh

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