The White House Is Infested With Mice, Ants,& Cockroaches!

No wonder Donald Trump reportedly called it a “dump.”

According to a list of White House work orders obtained by NBC Washington, 1600 Penn is FILLED with pests, including mouse, ants, and cockroaches!

Over the past two years, maintenance workers have been asked to deal with mouse in the White House Navy mess food service area, and in the White House Situation Room.

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Additionally, there are four reported cockroach infestations, and a report of ants in White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s office.

However, the pest problem shouldn’t has become a surprise. According to former GSA Inspector General Brian Miller 😛 TAGEND

“They are old builds … Any of us who have old homes know old houses require a lot of work.”

Gross, gross, gross!

[ Image via Kento Nara/ Future Image/ WENN .]