Baiting and continue receiving dead cockroaches.

We remain ascertaining dead roaches after the exterminator comes.

Here’s the timeline ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND June 16 th (~ 6 weeks ago) Signal paperwork for our brand-new suite Find 4 dead( German ?) cockroaches – 3 adult and one nymph. Bathroom storey Kitchen drawer 1 Kitchen drawer 2 Bedroom floor The suite plans an exterminator to treat the unit. July 13 th (~ about two weeks ago) Pick up keys for brand-new accommodation Find 3 dead cockroaches in the kitchen for the purposes of the settle and in the drawers – 1 adult two nymph Photo of a nymph Exterminator comes out the next day to treat the accommodation The suite is treated with Advion roach gel bait. July 14 th – 17 th I put down a cluster of glue traps all over the kitchen and shower Find a few dead nymph in the kitchen which is what the exterminator said to expect. July 23 rd( 2 days ago) Find 2 dead and one alive nymph cockroaches Under the submerge, a common place we’ve seen them. Kitchen drawer lodged to a glue capture July 24 th( yesterday) I spray raid all over the kitchen, mainly under the sink and behind the dishwasher. This is where I think they’re obscuring. Exterminator comes out to reapply enticement Tells us we’re observing babies because they were likely an egg where reference is baited and killed the first ones. July 25 th( today) Find like 12 SUPER minuscule dead cockroaches on the kitchen floor. These ones are style smallest and harder to see. They were only on the flooring in front of the subside , not in any lockers. Two in this photo Another one A couple here Stuck to a glue net Two in this photo, likewise near bait .~ ATAGEND There are the most we didn’t take photos of.