Baiting and keep finding dead roaches.

We keep finding dead roaches after the exterminator comes.

Here's the timeline:

  • June 16th (~ 6 weeks ago)
  • July 13th (~ 2 weeks ago)
    • Pick up keys for new apartment
    • Find 3 dead roaches in the kitchen under the sink and in the drawers – 1 adult two nymph
    • Photo of a nymph
    • Exterminator comes out the next day to treat the apartment
    • The apartment is treated with Advion roach gel bait.
  • July 14th – 17th
    • I put down a bunch of glue traps all over the kitchen and bathroom
    • Find a few dead nymphs in the kitchen which is what the exterminator said to expect.
  • July 23rd (2 days ago)
  • July 24th (yesterday)
    • I spray raid all over the kitchen, mostly under the sink and behind the dishwasher. This is where I think they're hiding.
    • Exterminator comes out to reapply bait
    • Tells us we're finding babies because they were likely an egg when he baited and killed the first ones.
  • July 25th (today)

Here are my questions:

  1. Should I be worried we just found a ton of tiny ones the day after reapplying bait? The exterminator said to not worry if you find some dead ones right after applying bait, but this is a lot.
  2. How likely is it that we have an uncontrolled infestation?
  3. What other advice do you have?

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