Kim Zolciak-Biermann& NeNe Leakes’ Latest Feud Is One For The Ages

NeNe Leakes is coming back to next month, and it looks like we can expect plenty of drama from the new season. Even supposed the season premiere is still weeks away, NeNe and Kim Zolciak are already get messy over social media, and Kim’s daughter and younger clone, Brielle, is getting involved too.

Kim and NeNe have always had a…um…rocky relationship, and the drama picked right back up last week. The whole thing started because Brielle implied that there were cockroaches in NeNe’s bathroom. There were also two videos of the alleged cockroaches, which we didn’t actually watch because we live in constant dread of glitches taking over our lives.

NeNe wasn’t so thrilled with the cockroach accusations, and decided to start calling Kim and Brielle racist for attaining up such a ridiculous tale. Now, we’re not like professional fact-checkers or anything, but the racist thing seems a little bit random. Like, perhaps Kim and Brielle are racists for other reasons, but these accusations by themselves do not seem to amount to racism, unless we missed something here.

Also, can I just say that as someone who lived in Atlanta for many years, you could literally live inside a giant Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and STILL get cockroaches? Atlanta is a humid breeding ground for these glitches; they are everywhere; it’s truly not that serious.

Anyway. NeNe also said that Brielle should “go somewhere and let the air outta those fake lips, fake titties and fake ass because you will never be @kylejenner. ” We’re literally weeping this is so good. Also, NeNe erroneously tagged Kyle Jenner instead of Kylie, because she patently is too busy coming up with sick burns to check her spelling. Even so, I can’t “lets get going” of the feeling that it’s weird to be a full-grown girl with children attacking a 20 -year-old on social media( says the girl who regularly dislikes on Bella Thorne for a living ).

We’re not done. NeNe then posted multiple other items calling Kim and Brielle racists, and they predictably didn’t love that. Now it turns out that Kim has hired lawyers( how did she not already have lawyers) to help deal with the situation, which means things could really get ugly. Okay, we’re kind of living for this. What a shit demonstrate. Good luck demonstrating you’re not a racist to the courts, Kim; that seems like a very abstract chore. Plus, I’m pretty sure hiring a lawyer because someone called you racist is peak white people shit.

Unfortunately, Kim and Brielle might not be helping their legal suit, because they’ve since gone on Twitter to claim that NeNe has a prescription pill craving. The pair posted some very thinly veiled subtweets because this is like secondary school or something, and NeNe responded by, you guessed it, calling them racist and white trash.

Don’t worry, we’re still a little confused too. Okay Andy Cohen, you got us, you win, we’ll patently be watching the new season.

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